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Consultation and appointment of a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)

RPA Plus can provide you with the direct services of a Radiation Protection Adviser  (also qualified as a Chartered Radiation Professional), recognised by the HSE for the purposes of the Ionising Radiations Regulations (2017), Regulation 14

RPA Plus believes that it is vitally important to offer a personal service and for a Radiation Protection Adviser to visit each surgery, to give advice, take measurements and give one integrated comprehensive and comprehendible report.  This RPA Plus advice can enable a busy employer / legal person to be in a position to bring the practice into compliance with the regulations. RPA Plus is not an RPA body where an RPA directs unqualified persons to conduct visits.

RPA Plus provide: - 

RPA Plus offer several days when the RPA visits your area, arranging visits flexibly, so as not to disrupt busy appointment schedules.

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