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Consultation and appointment of a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) / Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA)

We can provide you with the direct services of an RPA  (who is also qualified as a Chartered Radiation Professional), recognised by the HSE for the purposes of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, 2017; Regulation 14 and recognised by the Environment Agency for the purposes of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2016 / Radiaoctive Substances Act 1993 / Radioactive Substances  Exemption (Scotland) Order, 2011.

RPA Plus believes that it is vitally important to offer a personal service and for a Radiation Protection Adviser to visit each institution, to give advice, take measurements and give one integrated comprehensive and comprehendible report.  This RPA Plus advice can enable a busy employer  to be in a position to bring the institution into compliance with the regulations. RPA Plus is not an RPA body where an RPA directs unqualified persons to conduct visits.

RPA Plus auditing can check the level of compliance with the regulations and the company can arrange rehearsals of contingency plans and emergency plans (rehearsals are a requirement in IRR17 and the transport regulations). Arrangements can be made for leak testing of sealed sources.

The principal RPA is RPA to four Universities, several colleges and numerous schools. Many Universities have made great savings in appointing an external RPA. Often it is difficult to recruit an RPA with experience in general safety.

RPA Plus understands the complex management systems in these institutions, if required; advice can be given directly to Radiation Safety Committees. RPA Plus also understands the requirements of flexibility required for research and the financial constraints (especially in the current period).

RPA Plus not only concerned with compliance with the regulations but actively encourages science education, especially the use of practicals using ionising radiation. There will be a requirement for skills in the resurgent nuclear industry.

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Our experience is not confined to documentation, we are also experienced technologists and can provide: -

RPA Plus provide annual contracts made as clear and simple as possible, to cover visits to your premises, site assessments and reports. A fixed price is charged for a set number of visits with detailed reports including simpler enquiries by phone and e-mail. RPA Provision will naturally depend on the size and complexity of your company/ institution.

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